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Leadership Development & Coaching


Leadership Practice

The Experttech leadership development approach is structured to equip business managers to become Resonant Leaders. Its focus is practical and inspiring; by developing and supporting higher productivity, creativity, purpose and results. The Resonant Leader fosters an inspirational and vibrant work environment, by promoting commitment towards the achievement of common goals, consequently ensuring organisational efficiency and performance in the competitive business world.

Leadership Development Programme

The Experttech Leadership Development Programme is a series of modular courses on leadership, management and teamwork. Workshops (mostly conducted in one to two days) offer an advanced exploration of key topics in management and leadership development. Each module is designed around the philosophy that leadership behaviours directly impact the achievement of common goals, consequently impacting the organisation’s ultimate success.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching has been proven as the preferred way to develop leaders at all levels of the organisation.

The Experttech blended approach to development includes one-on-one coaching to optimise individual goal-based development. Various tools are available to enhance the coaching experience and ultimate success, for example Neethling Brain Indicator, EI Questionnaire, SQ21 Questionnaire and the Masterful Coaching Quintet, based on the work by Robert Hargrove (See Quintet Coaching)

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