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Business Simulation Overview


Experttech sees simulation not as just a training tool, but as a fundamental resource to improve organisational and individual performance that will ensure the success of any business initiative.  Their definition of simulation encompasses a broad application which evaluates the “as-is” state and plans the “to-be” state. This requires communication, provision of context and integration, all with the aim of achieving the desired results from a particular business transformation or initiative. Simulation can be used at every level of the organisation because such an initiative seeks to assess, evaluate, plan and calibrate, as well as mobilising and aligning the workforce around a set of critical initiative activities.

The Total Enterprise Simulation is based on a model of how a business works. The model treats the business’s different functions, processes and greater environment as a system. The simulation then presents the learner with realistic business goals to achieve and the various sets of decisions which must be made tin order to achieve those goals. Upon making decisions, the learner can see their effects on the business’s performance. The majority of this feedback is conveyed through financial reports and other quantitative business measures.

The Best Practice Simulation is based on real-world scenarios and builds specific skills and behaviours which can be applied immediately to a person’s job. Best practice simulations are case studies where the learner interacts with different characters and the storyline unfolds based on the learner’s responses and actions. It allows corporate best practices to be introduced, defined, reflected, tested and refined in a risk-free and non-threatening environment.

Experttech's Career Simulation Solution moves beyond employment readiness, work personality, strengths, skills and/or occupational interests because it builds experience through experience. Read More...