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Co Operative Technologies

We have extensive retail knowledge and experience in township and rural economies and currently offer the most extensive Co Operative Retail Technology in South Africa.

The retail platform provides an “end to end” full turnkey solution, within an incubation learnership framework. This includes store location and establishment, renovation, equipping, stocking and staffing.

The model seeks to:
Revive the South African retail entrepreneur through community store ownership via co-operatives.
First world retail stores driven by technology with continuous training and support.
Job creation and transfer of skills in rural and township areas.
Centralised essential disciplines such as procurement (bulk buying), administration, banking, statutory returns, and pricing to ensure higher sustainability of operations.
Stores owners are made up predominantly of youth, women and disabled from the local community.
Training is provided by SETA approved programmes as well as on-going coaching and mentorship.
Incumbents must subscribe to strict retail code of conduct under a retail operating procedure manual.
Product mix will focus on grant recipients, spaza shops, stokvels, schools and the general community and will be competitively priced.
Inexpensive Wi-Fi provided.
Stores will be located within the community subject to the availability of electricity, water and internet connectivity. Allowance will be made in each store to facilitate the South African Post Office.
Procurement will seek to focus and provide opportunities to Black emerging farmers and local co-operative producers.
Grow local economies to ensure funds remain within the communities where the funds are earned.
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