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Communication Technology - iNformed Mobile App informd

Informd was really developed from within the Banking need to communicate bank statements, banking notifications to all our clients. SMS notifications are limited to 163 characters and become a large expense when volumes increase. The costing around SMS’s even in bulk amounts to around 27c per SMS. To negate these two constraints, we developed “WhatsApp for business” utilizing WhatsApp software and front-end.

The look and feel and operational functionality is that of WhasApp as we know it. The main benefits of this communication platform include the low cost of hosting, i.e. R3.80 per user per month (regardless of the amount of messages), the fact that there are no constraints on content within the platform and it also allows for video and large content streaming.

This facility also allows us to communicate important documents like pay slips and leave applications. All messages are encrypted for security purposes and are hosted on a separate server. This communication system has been approved by the Reserve Bank as an approved means to communicate confidential information. The platform also comes with a full payment gateway, i.e. Mobile Airtime, DSTV payments, purchase of prepaid electricity, etc. is available through this platform. Platform is available to all Android devices, including smart and mobile phones.