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The Experttech Economic Chain Connection originates from Experttech’s Vision: To Be The Ultimate Experiential Solutions Company for the Greater Good. This solution focuses on Social Rural Urbanisation and Development and aims to address the radical economic transformation required by South Africa through a concerted effort of the Experttech Group businesses, namely Training and Consultation, Wildlife and Tourism, Agriculture, Retail, and Finance. In keeping with its Motto: Growing People and Growing Business, the Experttech Group is expanding its wealth of knowledge to include Growing Communities, and strives to create jobs and transfer skills by providing a sustainable, multi-faceted economic solution to youth, women and persons with disabilities.

Utilising the Experttech Group’s highly successful Incubation training technology, as well as its own banking platform, our objectives include:

  • Co-operative driven Incubation projects, based on social economic development with buy-in from local stakeholders, namely traditional leaders, ward councillors, church leaders, NGOs, and ultimately people who will benefit most
  • Hands-on Incubation with continuous training and support
  • Dedicated back-office support with central bulk buying
  • All businesses being owned by local community members, thereby resurrecting local economies
  • The development of a rural  economy where  business owners  play a key role in the South African economy

The Experttech Economic Chain Connection solution is based on an “end to end” full turnkey offering and includes:

  • Assessment of incumbents through jointly established selection processes
  • Site selection and establishment
  • Renovation and equipping
  • Incubated training, coaching and mentoring
  • Central finance and administration
  • Bulk buying and delivery
  • Ancillary solutions, namely uniforms, cell phone and data packages, affordable banking products, etc.
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Fundamentals of the Incubated Business Model are:

  • Each Incubated Business is community owned
  • The Incubated Business entity is easily accessible to its market and its constituencies
  • The Incubated Business utilises state-of-the-art technology for procurement, stock ordering, banking, etc.
  • The Incubated Business complies with best practice principles regarding quality, health and safety standards, a strict code of conduct in terms of retail disciplines, etc.
  • The pricing of commodities is competitive