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Food and Protein Security

Our global food system is under threat due to a growth in the world population to reach 9 billion by 2050. This growth requires that food production by doubled by 2050. Linked to this is the consumer requirement for alternative more healthy naturally produced protein sources.

Experttech invested in Agricultural Business Resources and Solutions (ABR) which  is responsible for development of Food and Protein Security.

This solution includes the development and support of integrated value and supply chains disrupting the current food systems. This enable our customers to produce, supply and trade a multiple range of safe, natural, quality and certified healthy and nutritious protein food products.  This solution puts Africa at par with the rest of the world regarding new food production technologies and innovation.

We foster high impact innovation through education, skills development and incubation. In this process, we harness the skills and expertise of local and international partners in value and supply chain engineering, new product development, regenerative project design tools, new technology application and innovative distribution channels.

Our integrated value chain development strategy not only follows a market led approach that successfully address the consumer food trends relating to health, convenience, indulgence, safety, value for money and sustainability, but also introduces supply chain enablers such as movable multi specie registered abattoirs and processing facilities linked to large scale manufacturing plants, supported by scientific and  technical services, training and development.