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Benny Harmse  |  Vice President of Manufacturing: CONTINENTAL TIRE THE AMERICAS

The staff of Experttech have shown themselves to be flexible to our organizational needs, dealing with senior management at all levels with a professional outlook and prompt in meeting project deadlines. Their approach towards critical assessments has been the need to handle sensitive feedback sessions to stakeholders and has been very positive.
I have no uncertainty in recommending Experttech to any international or small company and I am happy to continue work with this professional company moving forward.

Brian Horn  |  Division HR Manager – North Division: COCA–COLA SABCO

The team from Experttech have shown themselves to be flexible to the needs to the client, professional in their approach when dealing with senior management and participants at all levels and very results orientated in meeting project deadlines. Key in their approach towards assessment has to been the need to handle sensitive feedback sessions to stakeholders and this has been a most positive aspect of the approach.

Amanda Boonzaaier  |  Centre of Development Manager: ON THE DOT

The managers on our programme have shown remarkable growth and development. The improvement in their levels of maturity, wisdom and experience has had a direct and positive impact on their performance and leadership. Study material used in the programme is the latest in Leadership Development and of excellent academic quality. The curriculum is flexible to meet our business’ unique development challenges. Their lecturers/facilitators are of the highest quality and we get excellent feedback from our learners in this regard.

AJ Taverner  |  Managing Director: TAVCOR MOTOR GROUP (PTY) LTD

Experttech have been involved in leadership development for our senior management team as well as our second tier leadership group over the past 10 years.

We chose their program for very specific reasons centred mainly around the content and the strong emphasis on individual and collective leadership within a very sound concept.  We chose Hannalie because of her persona integrity and compelling wisdom in the area of leadership development.  This combination has benefited my team enormously and provided a platform for personal growth which otherwise would not have occurred.

Elsie Potgieter  |  Deputy CEO Innovation and Development: COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN

The Woman in Leadership Programme was the highlight for 2014 of the attendees of the College of Cape Town.  Everyone discovered a treasure during the workshop that they could immediately apply, use or share with their teams.  We all came back inspired, motivated and proud to be woman in leadership positions.  Each person was gently guided and motivated to take themselves to a high spiritual, emotional and healthy level.  The guidance in style was very useful and the discussion regarding sensitive health issues was very professional.  Each module was professionally presented and what we have enjoyed was the humour and the constant interaction.  Thank you to each facilitator for making us feel so special.

Attie Higgs  |  General Manager: Human Resources CONTINENTAL TYRE SOUTH AFRICA

Continental Tyre has had a long relationship with Experttech and have always been satisfied with the level and standard of training programmes they delivered at Continental. When we decided to launch our Corporate in-house Leadership Entry Programme, we had no hesitation in contacting Experttech to provide the training. Feedback from participants of the LEP are overwhelmingly positive as personal attention is given to each and every participant, resulting in extremely positive learning outcomes.

F.C. Steffens  |  Head: Human Resources MARLEY PIPE SYSTEMS SA

Without exception their [Experttech's] service and professionalism has always been beyond question and what sets their service apart from many other service providers is the fact that they are always willing to adapt the content of their programs to include our very specific needs, without compromising on the quality of the program content and deliverables. The quality of their product offering is always of the highest standard and we will most certainly continue to make use of their service whenever the opportunity presents itself again in future.

W.P. Liberda |  General Manager: ACTOM

ACTOM Air Pollution Control appointed Experttech to facilitate the formation of a new vision for the future of the Company and also the development of a sound business strategy.  By the end of our three day conference, Experttech had succeeded in focusing management and staff on key strategic issues. Feedback from particpants has been very positive, with staff feeling more motivated and inspired by the fact that they have a clear vision for the future. We highly recommend Experttech to any company requiring the services they offer.