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Corporate Training for Corporate Performance (CT4U)

As a consulting firm Experttech does three things. We 1) Grow People 2) Grow Businesses and 3) Grow Communities. We prominently operate in the areas of Organisational Development Strategy Deployment, Competency and Person Profiling and Leadership Capability Development.

In this we are making use of a number of technologies which include Business Simulations, Experiential Assessment and Development Centers, Competence Profiling Audits, eLearning development and Playbooks for Micro Mobile Learning (MML) to name a few. It is in our technology space where CT4U comes in.

CT4U is a software application developed for the industry where corporate training needs can be solicited in a structured way while inviting them to get that training service from their local providers and or University.

In short, this application allows corporates and companies to indicate what training they would need for their organisations by simply asking them a few structured organisational development questions around their business focus and training budget.

The aggregated data then becomes corporate intelligence which allows us to deploy training and development initiatives in the organisation.

  • It provides Industry and training needs analysis through AI
  • It provides business intelligence from various business units or departments in the organisation
  • It can guide the training department and training providers towards directed training needs and easy wins in their corporate development space
  • Provides an organisation with a concise training plan and training budget
  • Gathers big data on the need for training. Which program, how many people, what they are willing to spend

PDF Brochure downloads;
CT4U - Brochure for Organisations
CT4U - Brochure for Seta's
CT4U - Brochure for Universities

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